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Mission Statement

To create a memorial garden on the Sari Club site to enable people to reflect upon the terrorist attack of October 12th 2002, and to help build a future without fear by promoting peace, tolerance, understanding and freedom for generations to come, irrespective of nationality, culture, religious belief or race.


Founded in Perth in 2008 and registered as a charity, the Association has supporters in Indonesia, Great Britain, New Zealand, Japan, the United States and Australia, united in their commitment to make a difference and to give lasting peace to victims of terrorism worldwide and their families and friends.

An independent study by Bali’s Udayana University shows the planned park and museum will be self-sustaining and create numerous jobs, while serving as an icon for world peace, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year.

A suggested park concept has been completed by renowned Bali landscape artists Wijaya Tribwana International but the final design will be conceived and approved by the community of Bali. It will include a green space of tranquillity in the middle of one of the world’s most popular tourist centres, providing value far beyond the initial investment of time and funds.

The Association is liaising with the Bupati of the Badung Regency, the Camat of Kuta, senior Indonesian political figures and numerous Bali community groups.

The Australian Commonwealth and all Australian State and Territory governments have also pledged financial support, once the land tenure has been negotiated.

The Peace Park Association works closely with registered Indonesian charity Yayasan Isana Dewata. This Bali-based organisation supports more than 50 local widows and their families who were devastated by the 2002 and 2005 bombings.

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Made Mangku Pastika
Governor of Bali, Bapak Drs.

Our Indonesian patron is Bali Governor Bapak Made Mangku Pastika. As the former Bali police chief he spearheaded the successful investigation of the 2002 bombings and subsequent capture of the terrorists.

Dr Fiona Wood

Our Australian patron is Dr Fiona Wood. The former Australian of the Year headed up a team of Western Australian doctors who treated the burns victims of the 2002 bombings.



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