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Bali Peace Park Association Inc.

Results launching of the Peace Park Benefit Study

Australian Consulate-General

Monday, October 11, 2010


L – R – Acting Consul General Brent Hall, Haji Bambang Priyanto & Diah Priyanto


Since Bali Peace Park development plan discoursed, I personally always give full support.

The statement about my attitude at various meetings and the media about the Bali Peace Park development plan have never changed.

Bali Bombing Tragedy, Saturday, October 12, 2002 not only made the families of the victims sad but the international community, too, felt a deep sorrow.

Therefore, it is appropriate that in fact the victims are heroes of peace, get a decent award.

Their sacrifice was not in vain.

Bali Peace Par development adjacent to the Monument of Humanity Tragedy October 12, 2002 is a complementary chain of the existence and function.

I see and I feel the harmonious relations between people of Bali with Australians, since 1972.

38 years good relationship is not a short time.

The warmth and intimacy of brotherhood as long as it makes the citizens of these two countries have a high emotional bond.

For Australians, Bali is a second home.

Therefore, I think there is no excuse from anyone not to support the development of Bali Peace Park.

I put the highest respect to the initiator of the development plans of Bali Peace Park.

Congratulations and good luck.



H. Agus Bambang Priyanto


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