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The Beyond Bali Project funded by Building Community Resilience (BCR) aimed to develop and produce an education resource for secondary school students (years 8/9) on the Bali bombings and the Bali Peace Park. The resource is designed to build social resilience to violent extremism by:

  1. providing students with the skills and tools to critically analyse and challenge violent extremism, its causes and consequences
  2. raising awareness and education on the social impacts of violent extremism
  3. encouraging students to think about how societies can resist the influence of violent extremism
  4. engaging students through activities and discussion about the Bali Peace Park  as social resistance to terrorism.

The Beyond Bali Education Kit was developed by curriculum developers Dr Lily Taylor and Saul Karnovsky from the Curtin University school of Education and was informed by research into how moral engagement with peace initiatives such as the Bali Peace Park can counter violent extremism

The project was overseen by a committee appointed by the BPPAI and chaired by Dr Anne Aly, the Project Director.

Beyond Bali was trialled in September/ October 2012 with students at two metropolitan schools: Perth Modern School and the Australian Islamic College Kewdale. The resource was well received by students and teachers and the media who covered the event.

Beyond Bali Education Kit

The Beyond Bali Education Kit is a five module resource for teachers designed for use with students in years 8/9. The Kit systematically works through a series of activities to engage students with the social impacts of the Bali terrorist attacks and guide them through peaceful alternatives to violence.

Each module in the program links to the Australian Curriculum and offers teachers a series of activities that meet the learning outcomes. Teachers may elect to do all or some of the activities with their students as they work through the program.

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